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The following websites below are designed and maintained By: Kivos Webmasters and ICT Solutions Nigeria.

NOTE: Some websites are not listed here because the client has asked us not to list-out their websites as part of our portfolio for security reasons. Thus, the websites displayed here are only those whose owners permitted us to list their sites.

Nairalinking -Earn Online in Naira Nairalinking -Earn Online in Naira           
Online Things Nigeria - Online Businesses List Online Things Nigeria - Online Businesses List           
Dial A Vendor Dial A Vendor           
Payout2u Multi Purpose Cooperative Society Payout2u Multi Purpose Cooperative Society           
Doorlas - Easiest way to make money online ! Doorlas - Easiest way to make money online !           
Kivos Webmasters Online Business School (KWOBS) Kivos Webmasters Online Business School (KWOBS)           
Star Paints Star Paints           
Earn free Cryptocurrency [Bitcoin (BTC)] free Cryptocurrency [Bitcoin (BTC)]           
Online Things Agent Program Online Things Agent Program           
Avuwa Empowerment Initiative AEI Avuwa Empowerment Initiative AEI           
Save Pay Global
www.savepayglobal.comSave Pay Global           
3by2 MLM Network Matrix of Payout2UMobile 3by2 MLM Network Matrix of Payout2UMobile           
Magic Soul Search Entertainment           
The Global Polytechnic. Global Polytechnic.           
Afamak Nig. LTD           
Gregson Walker Global Resources Limited Gregson Walker Global Resources Limited.           
Suofega Hotels           
EDCCIMA Ambassadors Global     
14 Network International 14 Network International.           
Peering Hands International           
Goodwill Ambassadors Global     
D.O. Onodje & Co Estate Managers and Property Consultant Onodje & Co Estate Managers and Property Consultant.           
Walkways Education and Economic Development Organization           
Chelsberry Women Foundation
Ben Bros Electricals Stores.
www.benbroselectricals.comBen Bros Electricals Stores.           
Payout 2 U Mobile           
Multilayered Marketing MLM Softwares.     
MacGill Engineering
http://www.macgillengineering.comMacGill Engineering.           
Splendidstan Research Laboratory
www.splendidstanlab.comSplendidstan Research Laboratory           
Starcity Multi Concept Ltd
www.starcityfx.comStarcity Multi Concept Ltd.           
OJN Magazine Magazine           
Queen Mogboruko Foundation     
Career Builders Direct
www.careerbuildersdirect.comBen Bros Electricals Stores.           
Scholars Proofreading           
Reality Touch Nig.     
Eseru Empire Agency.
www.eseruempireagency.comEseru Empire Agency.           
RL Royal Animation Production Limited.
www.rlroyalproductionslimited.comRL Royal Animation Production Limited           
Open Journals Nigeria. Journal Nigeria.           
OJN Portal. Portal           
           Gordon Resort Hotel & McCarthy Beach. Gordon Resort Hotel & McCarthy Beach.
Columbus Autos Services And Support Center. www.columbusautosupport.comColumbus Autos Services And Support Center.            Sea Oil Nigeria Ltd.
www.seaoilltd.comSea Oil Nigeria Ltd.           
           GIGA. GIGA.
        Apostle Ehijele Unuayan. Apostle Ehijele Unuayan.  
MegaTronix Technologies LTD. MegaTronix Technologies LTD.           
Agro Foundation Website. Agro Foundation.           
Land of Wealth Assembly Website. Land of Wealth Assembly.           
De GeoGold 5 Star Hotel.
www.degeogoldhotel.comDe GeoGold 5 Star Hotel.          
Institute of Advanced Studies
www.iasng.orgInstitute of Advanced Studies          
Rave Scholars Nigeria. Rave Scholars Nigeria.          
Kenur Divine Services Nigeria Kenur Divine Services Nigeria.          
ProfileSME Consultancy ProfileSME Consultancy          
SHINEST International Limited. SHINEST International Limited.           
   Andsuwa Property Development Company Nigeria. Andsuwa Property Development Company Nigeria.                  Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant. Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant..
                Quick Trace Network Service Nigeria. Quick Trace Network Service Nigeria.
 Ken And Great Nig Ltd.
z Ken And Great Nig Ltd.
      Galaxscene Lighting Galaxscene Lighting.
       Empowering Midwives - Empowering Women. Empowering Midwives - Empowering Women. 
    Ecofuture Nig Ltd. Ecofuture Nig Ltd.
    Anita Kivos Wedding Website Anita Kivos Wedding Website.
  Gconnect Mobile Shop. Gconnect Mobile Shop.
Kivos Bilk SMS Website. Juicy Bilk SMS Website.
H & M Events. H & M Events.
Northstar Holdings Company Limited Northstar Holdings Company Limited.
Crown Consortium Crown Consortium.
Domestic Gas Shop. Domestic Gas Shop.

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