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We satisfy your need and desire for the Internet and Network all your computers to access it from anywhere !

  1. Do you need the Internet for your business?
  2. Do you want to run a Cyber cafe business?
  3. Do you need your homes or offices to be connected 24/7 to the internet?
  4. Do you want both your phones and computers to access the internet at thesame time for one-fee?
  5. Do you need to share your internet among computers in your home, offices or business centres?
  6. Do you want to offer Internet Wireless Service to your immediate locality?
  7. Do you want to share your internet network with your friends in your area or you want to create a WIFI hotspot for your friends and family?
KIVOS WEBMASTERS will be pleased to offer you these and other services for the cheapest and unbeatable price ever. We are affiliated to Telecommunication and Internet Service Providers in the USA and Canada. We can supply you standard, reliable, cheap and robust internet network from Canada and USA directly to your homes and offices. We have professional Cisco-Certified Network Engineers who will handle all the installation of your internet and computers while you seat back and watch ! We into VSAT installation, Hybrid installation, Hynet installation, Modem installation and Wireless Network installations. We offer 24/7 customer support services for FREE.

Need for Internet Connection? Internet NetworkCan't get online? Do you want to be able to browse, share music and videos around on your network? Stream video and music to your TV or home stereo system with ease.
Internet set up with your home network.
Games console networking.
Advice on how to use different types of multimedia options.
Call on us today: Contact Us Today:
PHONE: 081-3808-4808
BB PIN: 33531D5B or 2637E57E.

Kivos Webmasters & ICT Solutions

Kivos Webmasters started in 2005 as 360solutionkolony and since then grown into a mega gaint in the website design and development industry in Nigeria.
Now as Kivos Webmasters, the company aims at getting over 120 businesses and individuals online every year for the lowest price ever not compromising quality and professionalism. Come to us today, you can be one of them !


Projector For Hire and Rental in Benin City, Edo State

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Contact Us Today:
PHONE: 081-3808-4808
BB Pin: 33531D5B or 2637E57E.