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KEN AND GREAT NIG. LTD is an indigenous limited liability company registered in Nigeria with the corporate affairs commission under the company registration acts/ordinance of the federal republic of Nigeria with full relationship with our partners/business association in Nigeria and overseas; 1. To carry out service in civil/electrical/mechanical engineering 2. To carry out services in onshore/offshore, marine, oil and gas field operation service 3. To carry out service in onshore/offshore and marine logistics 4. To carry out service in onshore/offshore, marine and industrial equipment procurement 5. To carry out services in resource development and facility management/maintenance.

Being ISO 9001-2001 complaint in all our projects execution, we ensure that the applicable codes, specifications, and standard specific for particular projects are strictly adhered to unless the concept are otherwise revised/revisited or changed in the course of the execution of such subjects.

Our operations/activities are being carried out not only by our skilled/seasoned professional staff within the company's network of services but also by our pre-qualified sub-contractors in specified services where the need arise.

Hence, it has been possible for us to carryout effectively such as services as but not limited to those therein enlisted above and has also continued a major milestone in our company's history of hardwork, professionalism and responsibility to our valued clients' needs/expectation – which goes deep into reinforcing and upholding our longstanding already set image before our valued clients.

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KEN AND GREAT NIG. LTD believes that "an application of a very efficient system in any operation at its optimum level, can only be achieved with a strategy that includes the right compensation of skill (i.e an experienced and well qualified staff) and an applied efficient functional system i.e plants/equipment, materials, finance and logistics.) This facilitates and guarantees the achievement of the operations planned anticipated out-put."

Since science and technology is for the betterment of mankind and for the actualization of man operation dreams, KEN AND GREAT NIG. LTD has taken up the challenge in the actualization of these by bringing concepts into reality through planning, logistics, construction and infrastructural development activities etc. as well as the reliable results. Hence, we always stand-out in all our operations facets to give our valued clients an on-the-budget delivery, satisfaction, and an actualization of their plans/vision/expectations for every capital projects. .

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Ken and Great Nigeria Limited Cooperate Services

Services Overview

Having been endowed with a crack core team of knowledgeable/seasonal professional engineers, logistic/procurers, planners, technicians, craftsman and allied staff sieved from the labour market, and backed with competent expatriates support, Ken And Great Nig Ltd has become one of the best indigenous Nigerian Oil and Gas Service Contractor operating in the South-South, South-East and South-West of Nigeria.

Our core services are:
1. Services in onshore/offshore, marine, Oil and Gas field civil, electrical, mechanical engineering
2. Carryout onshore/offshore, marine, Oil and Gas field HSE and Operational Services
3. Perform onshore/offshore, marine, Oil and Gas field logistics
4. Carryout onshore/offshore, marine, Oil and Gas field machinery and equipment procurement and installation
5. Carryout resource development and facility management and maintenance.

Contact Us

KEN AND GREAT NIGERIA LTD is a company which is governed by the principles of Professionalism geared by the use of adequately skilled and motivated personnel's backed up by an effective internal and external communication as role model for qualitative checks and balances. Thus, you can contact us now via:

Address: Awaritse Avenue, Off.
                          Donyabi Layout Shell Road
                          Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria.
Telephone: +234-80755-81036
FAX: +234-1-80357 - 65252
Others: +234 - 80357 - 65252
E-mail: info@kenandgreat.com