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Website BuilderKivos Webmasters And ICT Solutions Nigeria Website Design, Development, Programming, Hosting and Database management is one company in Lagos State, Osun State, Oyo State, Ogun State, FCT-Abuja and now in Benin City, Edo State and Asaba/Abraka/Warri/Sapele, Delta State with the sole aim of getting all business-men and individuals online for the cheapest price ever. We bring the internet to you in your homes or offices.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve the best experience. We offer Website Consultancy Services for free and host seminars that aims to enlighten our clients and their staffs, private and public cooperations and the general public on the need of getting their businesses online. We build Church Websites, School Websites, and Hotel Websites with online booking systems, Company Websites, Political and Government Owned Websites.

Give Us the Job of Geting Your Business Online.

The speedy rise in technologies has made the Internet a major tool to promote your business and advertise your competencies to millions of Internet users. This segment of audience will judge your product or service quality by what they see on your website. Hence a well-designed, fully functional website will be a key success driver for your business.

Whether yours is a big company or a medium sized organization or even a startup, the chance of your business's success is directly proportional to the quality of design of your website. A good website design assists in attracting and converting site visitors to sales prospects, and improves your chances of closing a winning deal on your products/services.
With such a critical responsibility tied to good website design, you would agree that a good website design company will help you achieve your sales goals and bring in more business for you. With this objective in mind, we KIVOS WEBMASTERS offer you our web design and web development services. offers affordable professional website design services, domain name registration and secure state-of-the-art reliable web hosting services to clients in Nigeria and worldwide. We accept Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit via GTBank ! Website design price from only N35,000 one-time website design fee. And Recurring Amount of N20,000 Annually (renewal fee) for domain name and webhosting account subscription!

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A CMS (Content Management System) is a website built by KIVOS WEBMASTERS with the aim of giving you full control over the website after its completion and upload online. It gives you the ability to edit, remove, add and delete the content of the website without causing any damage to the website itself and without the knowledge of website programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP etc. This gives you power to change any information on the website at will without contacting us KIVOS WEBMASTERS). In the comfort of your home or offices you can delete or upload any form of information (such as text, picture, files etc) on your site at any given time.

Don't you think your business deserves... A POWERFUL Web Presence, fortunately, we offer cost-effectiveness in web design & development, web portal management, web hosting and domain name registration. Take full advantage of these offers and increase your leads and ultimately increase your business turn-over.

Websites Presently Under Our Construction List

The following websites below are designed and maintained By: Kivos Webmasters and ICT Solutions Nigeria.

NOTE: Some websites are not listed here because the client has asked us not to list-out their websites as part of our portfolio for security reasons. Thus, the websites displayed here are only those whose owners permitted us to list their sites.

African Journal of Health, Safety and Environment African Journal of Health, Safety and Environment           
Research Academy for Science, Engineering, Technology, Art and Social Sciences Research Academy for Science, Engineering, Technology, Art and Social Sciences           
Xtreme Delight Cleaning Services, LLC Xtreme Delight Cleaning Services, LLC           
Jobba Pro Property Improvement and Preservation Services Jobba Pro Property Improvement and Preservation Services           
Kivos Institute of Health, Safety and Environment (KIHSE) Kivos Institute of Health, Safety and Environment (KIHSE)           
Agromarche - Ecommerce Site Agromarche - Ecommerce Site           
Ojezz Gardens - Hotel Online Booking Website Ojezz Gardens - Hotel Online Booking Website           
Kivos Research Limited Kivos Research Limited           
Nairalinking -Earn Online in Naira Nairalinking -Earn Online in Naira           
Online Things Nigeria - Online Businesses List Online Things Nigeria - Online Businesses List           
Dial A Vendor Dial A Vendor           
Payout2u Multi Purpose Cooperative Society Payout2u Multi Purpose Cooperative Society           
Doorlas - Easiest way to make money online ! Doorlas - Easiest way to make money online !           
Kivos Webmasters Online Business School (KWOBS) Kivos Webmasters Online Business School (KWOBS)           
Star Paints Star Paints           
Earn free Cryptocurrency [Bitcoin (BTC)] free Cryptocurrency [Bitcoin (BTC)]           
Online Things Agent Program Online Things Agent Program           
Avuwa Empowerment Initiative AEI Avuwa Empowerment Initiative AEI           
Save Pay Global
www.savepayglobal.comSave Pay Global           
3by2 MLM Network Matrix of Payout2UMobile 3by2 MLM Network Matrix of Payout2UMobile           
Magic Soul Search Entertainment           
The Global Polytechnic. Global Polytechnic.           
Afamak Nig. LTD           
Gregson Walker Global Resources Limited Gregson Walker Global Resources Limited.           
Suofega Hotels           
EDCCIMA Ambassadors Global     
14 Network International 14 Network International.           
Peering Hands International           
Goodwill Ambassadors Global     
D.O. Onodje & Co Estate Managers and Property Consultant Onodje & Co Estate Managers and Property Consultant.           
Walkways Education and Economic Development Organization           
Chelsberry Women Foundation
Ben Bros Electricals Stores.
www.benbroselectricals.comBen Bros Electricals Stores.           
Payout 2 U Mobile           
Multilayered Marketing MLM Softwares.     
MacGill Engineering
http://www.macgillengineering.comMacGill Engineering.           
Splendidstan Research Laboratory
www.splendidstanlab.comSplendidstan Research Laboratory           
Starcity Multi Concept Ltd
www.starcityfx.comStarcity Multi Concept Ltd.           
OJN Magazine Magazine           
Queen Mogboruko Foundation     
Career Builders Direct
www.careerbuildersdirect.comBen Bros Electricals Stores.           
Scholars Proofreading           
Reality Touch Nig.     
Eseru Empire Agency.
www.eseruempireagency.comEseru Empire Agency.           
RL Royal Animation Production Limited.
www.rlroyalproductionslimited.comRL Royal Animation Production Limited           
Open Journals Nigeria. Journal Nigeria.           
OJN Portal. Portal           
           Gordon Resort Hotel & McCarthy Beach. Gordon Resort Hotel & McCarthy Beach.
Columbus Autos Services And Support Center. www.columbusautosupport.comColumbus Autos Services And Support Center.            Sea Oil Nigeria Ltd.
www.seaoilltd.comSea Oil Nigeria Ltd.           
           GIGA. GIGA.
        Apostle Ehijele Unuayan. Apostle Ehijele Unuayan.  
MegaTronix Technologies LTD. MegaTronix Technologies LTD.           
Agro Foundation Website. Agro Foundation.           
Land of Wealth Assembly Website. Land of Wealth Assembly.           
De GeoGold 5 Star Hotel.
www.degeogoldhotel.comDe GeoGold 5 Star Hotel.          
Institute of Advanced Studies
www.iasng.orgInstitute of Advanced Studies          
Rave Scholars Nigeria. Rave Scholars Nigeria.          
Kenur Divine Services Nigeria Kenur Divine Services Nigeria.          
ProfileSME Consultancy ProfileSME Consultancy          
SHINEST International Limited. SHINEST International Limited.           
   Andsuwa Property Development Company Nigeria. Andsuwa Property Development Company Nigeria.                  Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant. Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant..
                Quick Trace Network Service Nigeria. Quick Trace Network Service Nigeria.
 Ken And Great Nig Ltd.
z Ken And Great Nig Ltd.
      Galaxscene Lighting Galaxscene Lighting.
       Empowering Midwives - Empowering Women. Empowering Midwives - Empowering Women. 
    Ecofuture Nig Ltd. Ecofuture Nig Ltd.
    Anita Kivos Wedding Website Anita Kivos Wedding Website.
  Gconnect Mobile Shop. Gconnect Mobile Shop.
Kivos Bilk SMS Website. Juicy Bilk SMS Website.
H & M Events. H & M Events.
Northstar Holdings Company Limited Northstar Holdings Company Limited.
Crown Consortium Crown Consortium.
Domestic Gas Shop. Domestic Gas Shop.

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Website Designer1. Your Business is Open to the World 24/7, 365 Days a Year
Unlike your company's office that may be open from 8-5, Monday through Friday; your company's website is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are many different time zones that may affect your business, which is why being on the web makes it time convenient for everyone.

2. It's Your Online Brochure / Catalog That Can Be Changed at Any time
A website is easier, cheaper and quicker to update than print material. Its' capacities are almost limitless which allow you to provide users with more comprehensive information. This will save you money on printing and distribution costs as well.

3. Reach New Markets with a Global Audience
On the Internet; you aren't that local little business anymore. You have the potential to be seen by millions across the globe. Did you ever think your company would have the possibility of doing business around the world? Well, now you can. Without a doubt, the Internet is the most cost effective way to trade nationally and internationally.

4. Improved Customer Service
By providing answers to questions on your website, sales and information requests can be processed automatically and immediately, whether someone is in the office or not. Online forms can be used to allow customers to request quotations or ask further information. Save costs by allowing users to download invoices, proposals and important documents.

5. Present a Professional Image
For a small business, a well-designed web site is a great way of instilling confidence and looking bigger than you actually are. In this day in age, customers assume that you already have a website. By now, your primary competitors probably already have a presence on the Internet. If they do, keep up with them and find ways to make yours better.

6. Sell Your Products
Why pay expensive rent, overhead, electric bills, and all the other costs that go along with owning a bricks-n-mortar business? Selling in cyberspace is much cheaper and a good way to supplement your offline business. Providing secure online ordering is very affordable for even the smallest businesses.

7. Promote Your Services
Lawyers, doctors, financial consultants, entertainers, realtors and all service oriented businesses should let customers know that they have a choice. Millions of users are referring to the web and are using company's websites to make major decisions when they need a specialized service.

8. Gather Information and Generate Valuable Leads
You can gather information about your customers and potential customers by using forms and surveys. Rather than going out and getting leads, let them come to you. This is a great tool for prospecting targeted customers looking to use your products and services.

9. Provides Instant Gratification
People are busy and don't like to wait for information. Give them what they want, when they want it. If your product is suitable, offer them free samples or trials to download. This includes pictures, brochures, software, videos, Power Point slides, music and more.

10. Great Recruiting Tool
Whether you are looking for talent or posting job opportunities with your company, your website is a great recruiting tool for building your business.
There are even restaurants in some areas taking lunch orders over the internet. In this short space we have just lightly touched on the number of reasons to put your business on the web. The following are some more good reasons for getting your web site today.

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Types of Websites in Nigeria

nigeria business website Business Websites

We design and develop standard business websites for private and cooperate businesses, our price is cheapest in Nigeria.

nigeria church website Church Websites

With the present day growing need to capture souls for the churches by the church before Satan does, we KIVOS WEBMASTERS has embacked on an operation GET ALL NIGERIAN CHURCIES ONLINE for a low as possible to help these churches and ministries in their heavenly task.

nigeria government website Government Websites

The present government of Nigeria is trying with all its strength to prove to the people that Democratic system of government is 100times better than Military system, this we at KIVOS WEBMASTERS are helping them to achieve by bulding websites for Fedral, State and Local government establishment in the country to help them get their messages accross to all Nigerians.

nigeria school website School Websites

Education is the sole to every nations future leaders. The Nigeria Educational System is one of the best in Africa and we KIVOS WEBMASTERS are proud to be groomed in the giant of Africa's educational country. For this reason, we are giving back to the country's educational sector by developing professional academic-purpose driven websites for schools and lecturers alike at very affordable price.

nigeria politicians website Website For Politicians and Political Party Campaigns

A fully featured website is a fast growing tool for politicians in the developed countries of the world. A political campaign website equiped with standard social media such as facebook, twitter, youtube videos and others is a sure way to win more voters.

nigeria fashion website Fashion and Modeling Websites

Fashion designers are rapidly growing in numbers in Nigeria, the competition is getting hotter. Are you are fashion designer or a Modeling agency, come to us, let us put you ahead of your competitors, its simple and fast. Give it a trial today !

nigeria advertising ageny website Advertizing Agencies Websites

It is no more news that the present day form of advertizing has gone far beyond television and radio, if you are an advertizer who still rely on the old method of advertizing alone, stop for a while, and ask the question "where are my competitors?", dont worry, we have the answer, "they have all gone online !".

nigeria companies and industrial website Company and Industrial Websites

Are you the CEO of a company, be it big or small is not an issue here, the issue is that you need a website. For what reason? It gives your company a professional standard, it attracts foriegn clients and help facilitate business transaction as most businesses today has adopted the online marketing model. So your company or industry cannot be left behind !

nigeria real estate website Real Estate Websites

Are you a Real Estate Manager aka Property Agent? We design and program powerful real estate websites for Nigerians helping them get the best of deals. There are very many Nigerians in diaspora who are interested in buying properties here in Nigeria without coming down to Nigeria first, why not meet such clients online? come to us, we gat all it takes to make it happen.

nigeria auto and cars website Auto Websites

Are you car dealer with the latest cars in stock? Why not get online to showcase your eligant and professionally built cars to Nigerians seeking for high quality designed cars out-there? Come to us today, it is cheap and affordable !

nigeria personal website Personal Websites

Yes, personal website, your own website for real at the cheapest price ever. You do not need to be a top Nigeria musical artist like Tuface or a Nigerian soccer legend like Kanu or a top Nigerian comedian like Alibab or a multi-millionaire like Dangote or be the owner of the fastest growing telecommunication service provider like Globacom's oga Mike before you need to have a personal website. Whatever you do, show it to the world online now !