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Sell Bitcoin to Kivos BTC

Kivos BTC is one of the leading foreign exchange where you sell Bitcoin in Nigeria. Kivos BTC connects buyers and sellers.

We can both agree that selling Bitcoin can be very confusing and difficult for starters. With Kivos BTC, you will learn how easy and fast it can be. We make it private and usually quick and one of the easiest ways to get bitcoins locally.

Here is a quick guide to our process of buying your Bitcoin:
1. You can come to our office at 25 Sapele Road, Benin City, Edo State

2. Send us your Bank Name, Account Name and Account Number

3. We will send you our BTC Address for you to commence the BTC Transfer

4. You will Initiate Transfer

5. Transfer mornitoring on Blockchain

6. Transfer completed

7. We will then Transfer you the Naira equivalent or hand you the cash at our office.

8. Transfer completed, We shake hands and say Goodbye !


Kivos Webmasters & ICT Solutions

Kivos Webmasters started in 2005 as 360solutionkolony and since then grown into a mega gaint in the website design and development industry in Nigeria.
Now as Kivos Webmasters, the company aims at getting over 120 businesses and individuals online every year for the lowest price ever not compromising quality and professionalism. Come to us today, you can be one of them !


Projector For Hire and Rental in Benin City, Edo State

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Contact Us Today:
PHONE: 081-3808-4808
BB Pin: 33531D5B or 2637E57E.

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