carsThe New Online Marketing Model Demands Auto Dealers have a website. Customers go online every day in search of information about the kind of cars they want to purchase. Modern research by these people starts from the internet, by visiting websites. Become accessible online today!
As an Auto (Car) Dealer, proving that you are up with the latest auto technology; shows you take your job seriously and that you are serious about communicating with clients and customers using your personal website as a channel for communication. And having the ability to upload documents and add important adverts with just a few clicks means less miss-communication, higher mass-communication and a better customer relation services.

Your customers expect your business to have an online route of communication. Having a website makes your company visible in front of customers.

With a website that all customers know has the most recent updates/notifications and even sends notifications to them when any change is made, everyone is always on the same page and up to date.
A website expands your time and range; people that you probably would never have reached through any other medium; including other dealers world-wide can see what your professionalism is doing. They can contact you through your website; know the latest cars through your website, the functionality and property of cars through your website, and the price range of cars through your website. Your website will also enable you to connect with other dealers, who share your interests and as such broaden your associates and colleagues globally.
The importance of you having a website is endless. Remember, your customers are probably more comfortable with the Internet than you are. They use it for entertainment, communication, social networking, and games. And they never knew a World without the Internet. Now you have created something in that world which makes you seem more relevant and interesting to them. They in turn are more interested in the material you are offering online.


nigeria car dealersA CMS (Content Management System) is a website built by KIVOS WEBMASTERS with the aim of giving you full control over the website after its completion and upload online. It gives you the ability to edit, remove, add and delete the content of the website without causing any damage to the website itself and without the knowledge of website programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP etc. This gives you power to change any information on the website at will without contacting us (KIVOS WEBMASTERS - NIGERIA). In the comfort of your home or offices you can delete or upload any form of information (such as text, picture, files etc) on your site at any given time.


nigeria auto dealers websiteToday, 80% of customers wishing to buy new cars go to the internet first to check for the type of car, model, functionality, comfort and price online and the cheapest location and dealer to purchase from. KIVOS WEBMASTERS has structured out what it calls the basic and fundamental framework of an auto dealers website (CMS) which is based on the functionality and purpose for the website. The following are basically inclusive in the websites structure for auto dealers' website:

1. Images and Videos of the cars on sale
The website will display clearly and much more professionally your cars on sale. And if required the video advert of such cars can be accessed from their manufacturers by us to display on your website to help attract customers in purchasing it.

2. Description of the functionality and characteristic features of the cars on sale
The description of the functionality and characteristics features of the cars will be well attractively displayed on the website to help enhance its sales.

3. Price and Order systems for the cars on sale
If permitted by your company, a price range for cars on sale can be displayed on the website and customers can be convinced to purchase them at the price we are offering them.

4. Contact system
The offices and branch offices of the company will be on display on the website. The contact email and phone numbers too will also be on display for customers to easily access your company. A email and direct contact portal will also be installed on the website to allow direct contacts and messages to be sent to you directly from the website by your customers.

5. Link system
The website will be enhanced with a powerful SEO linking system to enhance its accessibility and marketing online. Other website with similar goals will be linking to your website for customers who could not find their needed cars on such website to visit yours as a recommendation. The website will also be powered to enhance its online search engine display result for increase customer patronage.


All information to be displayed on your website will be submitted to us by you or KIVOS WEBMASTERS- Nigeria will negotiate a price for you, if we are to supply the relevant information for your website. Objects like images, graphs, charts, and other materials may be submitted in picture format from a digital camera or printed photo.
Text information will also be supplied to us by you in MS Word-typed-format, or you be charged a flat rate of N50 per page for typing your information by KIVOS WEBMASTERS Nigeria typist, if supplied as a paper- manuscript

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